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. some people chose not to leave. that included atlantic city, new jersey, where a section of the boardwalk washed away. emergency workers were rescuing some residents with light boats and -- lifeboats and high water vehicles throughout the day. at this point, the governor told people if you are still home, don't try to get out. hunker dune try to ride the storm out. the storm surge could be tight 12 feet. the winds are at their peak of the day. right now, for more on the storm, we are going to doug mckelway in delaware. >> thank you. two major developments this afternoon, served to basically isolate the community and others along the peninsula. earlier in afternoon, the storm breached the dunes south of here, effectively meeting with the back bay, shutting down the main coastal route. route 1. bethany beach is closed. they remain closed for some days to come. in addition to that, the chesapeake bay bridge that links baltimore and washington to the eastern shore of delaware, maryland and virginia has always been shut down. because of high wind warnings. the good news is the
by the devastation in his state. the familiar atlantic city boardwalk in shambles. entire neighborhood washed over, as search and rescue crews scoop up stranded residents by the boatload. crews working around the clock to clear out debris field 7 feet high in some places. >> i anticipated last night given the nature of the wind and the rain, would be pretty baddism didn't expect it to be that bad. it didn't expect we'd see homes off of their foundations. in the middle of state highways. >> reporter: in new york, wall street still shut down and the subway system remained under water today. leaving the metropolis eerily quiet after a chaotic night. some of the city's worst daniel was not from water but from fire. as flames engulf 80 homes in queens. >> there was 25 civilians. they were inside. 25 people inside on the roof of the building. fire was spreading. >> the fire was in the two-story building next door. the fire was coming across the top of the roof. >> reporter: by daylight, the breezy point neighborhood looked obliterated. up and down the eastern seaboard, the property daniel is widespread.
are underwater. and we have david lee milner new york city. we begin with correspondent mike tobin in a blustery cleveland, ohio. hello, mike. >> hello, bret. the winds are actually calming down here. you can see how churned up lake erie is. that should give you a rough idea what it's like when the winds came through at 70 miles per hour plus and sustained. the coast guard says the coast of lake erie got it worst of all the great lakes. just about every dock out here sustained daniel. 30 boats sank. 20 boats presumed missing. inland what we see, trees fell over, taking power lines out with them. considerable sections of the grid. traffic lights are out. traffic is now snarled. the ki he ga river is two -- cucuyahoga river above flood stage. the storm came this far west, this far inland and still in terms of the wind speed and bare metic pressure could have qualified as a weak hurricane. skipped across the great lakes uninhibited and delivered a punch to canada. to my colleague david lee milner new york. >> mike, we were in the torn most tip of manhattan. this roadway connects the east side with
with the pink fountain behind me in city center. part of our continuing series, taking the show on the road, to swing counties around the country. arapahoe is the third largest of 64 counties in colorado. accounts for one-tenth of the state total electorate. this election, it's one of the key areas along with neighboring jefferson county in crucial battleground state. that went to barack obama by nine points in 2008. george w. bush by 4-1/2 points in 2004. we have been touring several of the 12 battleground states. as we count down to election day. we have identified more than 30 key swing counties inside those states. based on voting patterns, key issues and demographics. they're marked in yellow on this map. so all of that, that is why we're here. throughout the show tonight we'll bring you what some of the folks we talk with on arapahoe are saying about the race and the issues they care about. >> the national debt is just so overwhelming that we feel that our children, grandchildren are never going to have the opportunity to have lifestyle that we currently have. that is one of the big t
has to give $1. now here is the thing. when 9/11 happened in new york city, they waived the stafford act and said this is too serious a problemch we can't expect new york city to rebuild on its own. forget that dollar you have to put in. here is $10. that was the right thing to d do. when hurricane andrew struck in florida, people said look at this devastation. we don't expect you to come up with your own money here. here is the money to rebuild. we're in the going to wait for you to scratch it together. because you're part of american family. what is happening in new orleans? where is your dollar? where is your stafford act money. makes no sense. tells me the bulle bullet hasn't been taken out. [ applause ] tells me that somehow the people down in new orleans don't care about it much. >> bret: it turns out at first after katrina congress did not waive the stafford act, that 10% local match requirement that then senator obama was referring to for new orleans. but it was waived by congress in late may 2007. two weeks before obama's speech. adding to that, senator obama voted against t
process. sad story, new york city is apologizing for sending a collection letter to suspect. killed by a police cruiser for the damage his body did to the vehicle. the bill for $$710 was slap in the face. they kept robinson shackled to the hospital bed under guard while in a coma. spokesman for the city said the letter should not have ever gone out and not sure why it happened. the family planning $20 million wrongful death lawsuit. >> it's more expensive than before drive in california. regulations. supply crunch. even a power outage have combined to cause imperfect storm. in the gas pump. here is correspondent adam housley. >> from san francisco to san diego, to redondo, california californians are cringing at the pump. >> frustrating. >> in many cases, frustrating fg is the nicest word that drivers use when react to gasoline prices that have spiked in the neighborhood of 52 cents in the last week. >> prices are ridiculous. >> they need a break. it's too high. way too high. >> i try not to drive. gives me quarter of a tank if i need $10 in gas. out of control. >> the official gall
've indicated to reverse the mexico city position of the president. reinstate the mexico policy. >> which been as u.s. aid for abortion overseas which president obama revinded. in days, romney is trying to soften his image. including knowing a navy seal in the terror attack in benghazi. mother told the boston tv station he shouldn't make my son's death part of his political agenda. the romney cam pape said it would be dropped from the stump speech. but romney relates a story about the national guard sniper killed in afghanistan whose widow told abc news, when i would ask him, what do you need over there, what could i send you? he said i need a new president. romney was asked if he supports detention of americans suspected of terrorism and suggested he's opposed to weakening u.s. resolve. >> i don't believe this is a time to pull back from the vigilance to protect america and keep us safe from threats we face around the world. >> in fact, romney's remark about abortion, the president today suggested that the former massachusetts governor is trying to conceal or hide his position. the president
. not to debate but to crack jokes up the al smith dinner new york city. long-standing presidential campaign tradition. the only other event between now and monday night is a rally in daytona week where it's bike week. half a million motorcycles most harley riders. tomorrow, romney will ride the bus in the middle of them for an evening hour. >> bret: are you suiting up, darl >> i vehicle the leather chap. >> bret: whoa! that was too much. thank you, sir. c'ya. authorities in florida are reviewing accusations that two people may have voted in their state and one other in a priest election. advocacy group turned over complaints about 36 such people. state election officials forwarded two names to law enforcement. how big a deal do you think voter fraud is? let me know on twitter. follow me@bretbraeir. we have new images of a site in iran of what the west says is nuclear weapons develo development. second photograph from august shows the test site covered by a pink tarp. next imnage shows the tarp taken off in september. experts say that is suspicious since iran refused access to u.n. inspector
. then there is the nearly $700,000 grant for development of musical about global warming. when it opened in kansas city, a reviewer said he learned nothing new about the topic, the song sounded like wikipedia entry set to music. >> we're proud it's in kansas city. we are. >> burn says there is no way to justify the expenditures. >> the money you're spending, you're borrowing against your children's future. it's all outrageous. the fact is that it's not hard to it. we have recalcitrant career politicians refusing to do their job. >> along with questionable spending this outlines numerous instance of fraud and abuse. in florida, an exotic dancer took in $100,000 in tips collected food stamps. cost to produce a penny in 2012 is more than two times the actual value. taxpayers are left to cover a $70 million loss. >> average, everyday americans can see the federal government isn't making tough decision. >> coburn earned the name "dr. no" for the votes to government spending said congress is to blame for every item in this year's waste book. bret? >> bret: shannon, thanks. want to give you perspective of the
have a compound on the west side of city. >> it was rented from an owner who had a nice villa and several out buildings there. >> not a lot of security. >> inside the walls, four buildings, one is a large residence with a number of bedrooms in it. another residence has a cantina where the staff eats. across wait is what they call their tactical operations center built for staff, phones and security monitors. finally the barracks a small house by the main gate. it will house a libyan security force. october 20th, moammar khadafy is captured and killed. >> revolutions, killing goes on. while scores are being settled. sometimes it was revenge killing back and forth. there was still fighting going on. >> with khadafy gone, he will spend mop of his time there but he he'll come to been gas si often. they upgrade physical security. charlene lamb. >> the concrete, barbed wire and razor wire. >> inside the large residence a fortified save shaven built. you enter through a heavy melt grill. >> tell me about this safe haven >> barred on the windows. you are basically building a jail cell
. officials discuss how implementing the president's law will cost city employees an extra $40 a month. >> a challenge beyond belief. >> in exclusive interview with fox in nevada, senator marco rubio says the video shows the issue will blow up on the president. >> that's the tip of the iceberg. if we have four more years of obama, if obamacare is not repealed we'll have story after story of that one. >> senator rubio is here shadowing the president. he told me he agrees with governor chris christie that romney is a strong debate torso they're still not low -- strong debater, so they are still not lowering the expectation. the message is simple: the country can't afford four more months, let alone four more years. >> bret: ed henry traveling with the president in las vegas. thank you. one thing you can just about guarantee to hear wednesday night here is reference to mitt romney's comment on that videotape about the now infamous 47%. chief political correspondent carl cameron has that story and the rest of the debate prep from here in denver. >> day before facing off with president obam
was nearby tampa stumping in sun city. >> i have news for governor romney and congressman ryan. they are dead wrong. america is neither dependent nor are we in decline. period. the president is ahead by three points in the margin of error. buckeye state, obama more trusted to hand the economy by two. the real clear politics electoral college map based on the polling averages has romney at 206 and obama at 201 of the 270 electorate needed to win. 131 electors in ten states still up for grabs. mr. obama will spend the week at camp david to prepare for the policy debate in boca raton. at the charity dinner last night, the two exchangeed light-hearted one liners including one about the two debate and preparations so far. >> first, refrain from alcohol for 65 years before debate. second, find the biggest available straw man and merselmercilessly attack him. big bird didn't even see it coming. by the way, in the spirit of "sesame street" the president's remarks brought to you by the letter "o" and the number 16 trillion. >> a lot more energy in the second debate. i felt well rested after the long n
decide it's too ding russ to stay the-- dano stay there. they settled on a compound west of the city. >> it was a resident from an owner who had a nice villa and several other buildings as well. >> not a lot of security? >> like any resident it is not a fortress. >> inside there are four buildings one large resident with a number of bedrooms in it. another has a can tina where the staff meets. across the way is tact kel operation center filled with offices for security staff phones and security monitors. finally the barracks a small house by the main gate of the compound. it will house a libyan security force. libya october 20th, 2011, colonel khaddafy is captured and killed by rebels in his home town. >> revolutions of war don't begin the killing go-- doesn'n'. sometimes revenge killings go back and forth. still fighting going on. >> with khaddafy gone ambassador stevens will spend much of his time at the main u.s. embassy building in tripoli. but he will come to benghazi often. the state department upgrades the physical security at that property. >> we extended the height of the ou
forces released the video of anti-regime forces who claimed to have made advances in the city of aleppo. we now have a better idea why help came too late for the americans under siege. and eventually killed at the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya, last month. catherine herridge has detail details. >> while military assets were moved in response to the libyan crisis, the defense secretary told reporters the intelligence on the ground was so poor they had to hold. >> the basic principle is that you don't deploy forces in to harm's way. without knowing what is going on, without having real-time information on what is taking place. >> joint decision on a six-hour timeline by panetta joint of chairman joints chief dempsey and regional general carter ham. report from the consulate security in benghazi with drone video and second wave of the attack on the c.i.a. outpost did not provide needed clarity for military force. >> it happened within a few hours. it was really over before we had the opportunity to know what was happening. >> three days later tim played in out tunisia. the u.s. embassy w
to south of jersey, bad, bad news for new york city. all of the jersey coast. long island. we'll talk about major beach erosion. hurricane force winds mon and tuesday off and on. rain for couple of days. power outals, bret, that will be for people in the many millions. an likely staying people without power for up to a week. very big impact here. all across the northeast. >> okay. keep it here on fox. update you throughout the next few days. potentially natural disaster to cleaning up a man made one the federal government is supposed to funnel billions of dollars to people affected by the b.c. oil spill. there are concerns that some of the money would be going some place else. correspondent doug mckelway has the story from gulf shores, alabama. >> reporter: two years since the worst ecological disaster, the beaches are now pristine. some say the politics of the clean-up are not. >> chicago style politics at its worst. >> closed door negotiations undergo in washington between the governor of five gulf states justice department and b.p. oil to determine how much b.p. should be fined for damag
stream media, which is sort of a redundant city, has been saying about him. >> bret: i want to play another exchange between president obama and governor romney's response where president obama is talking about tax policy in these i understand penitentiary studies about -- independent studies about raising taxes on middle income families. >> that's why i understand penitentiary studies looking at this said the only way to meet governor romney's pledge of not reducing the deficit or not adding to the deficit is by burdening middle class families -- >> i got five boys. i'm used to people saying something that's not always true, but just keep on repeating it and ultimately hoping i'll believe it. >> bret: it went really point by point, every time the president came at him, he went back not only with specifics while the obama campaign says there were not specifics in his answers on the tax policy question, jim angle's piece kind of dealt with that from the debate, but also on the rhetorical coming back at him like the five boys answer every time. >> the five boys answer that you just pl
scandal in this city. >> bret: quickly. the state department by the way is apologizing profusely to fox news for leaving us off that call. charles? >> as they should. when you go back and look at what susan rice said, she didn't just say this was a demonstration and it wasn't terror attack. i remember the words there was no evidence of a terror attack. that's a stretch beyond getting it wrong. ton of evidence that was a terrorist attack. you might have said the preponderance it was a demonstration or we have some evidence. they went way out on a limb of something absolutely wrong. obviously wrong. embarrassingly wrong. this is a scandal. the fact that it only is of interest to us and to a few others is really second scandal. >> yeah. maybe you will get a muffin basket from the state department. i think that we're at the point now where the majority of what the obama administration said in wake of this was untrue rather than true. they told more lies than they told truths. and you are getting the distinct whiff of nixonian style and coverup and distortion of the truth on this. what is in
island. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in new york city tonight. >> it's the calm before the storm and the pressure is on the president for a winning performance in tomorrow night's debate against mitt romney who by all accounts won round one two weeks ago. the president's been hunkered down in williamsburg, virginia rehearsing with aides for what some describe will be an aggressive program debate. romney's cancelled a thursday joint appearance on the view with wife ann who will appear solo while romney campaigns in virginia. ryan served up barbecue in ohio and headlined a town hall style meeting in his home state of wisconsin this morning where he slapped the obama administration for the 16 trillion dollar national debt which will be the subject of a romney policy speech later this week. >> the crescent came into office saying he -- the president came into office saying he would cut the deficit in half in his first term. he's given us four years of tripltrillion dollar deficits. he's added more debt than all previous presidents combined. >> he was charged with misleading
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)